Friday, 5 December 2008

about me

I am a forty something housewife. Married for over 21 years. I have a son 20 and a daughter 17.
We have had a pretty eventful 2008.
I am an avid bookworm and rarely seen with out a book except when on the computer, which I also can be addicted.
I have arthritis from I was 30 which attacks most of my joints. I went arround for almost 6 weeks with out realising my arm was broken this year as I thought it was an arthritis flare up!.
It was not a good year for our business, but we are still there. A relative who was ill from last christmas died. We ment some lovely friends for the first time in the spring. Then hubby and I went away for our first weekend away since we married! Daughter was doing GCSE's, then she took extremely ill. She has recently had heart surgery.
We had a lovely holiday abroad . ok it was only a week but it was fun and met my friend Rita, who was there too. I cant wait to go back.

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