Sunday, 7 December 2008


Well got ff to a bad start when I got up at the crack of dawn to check the results of Strictly Come Dancing. It was not good at all.
The electric then kept blowing the trip dpwnstairs which meant problems with breakfast. It was a very cold frosty morning and the roads so slippery. We all went off to church, where so many folk seemed to be ill!
Dont think I have ever warmed all day. Called at a friend's late afternoon, had not seen her for ages. Funny how the fast way we live lets friendships get knocked aside. We had so much to catch up on.
Daughter made tea, bless her, then another friend rang and we chatted for ages.
I am curled up in front of an open fire with a nasty touch of pmt debating wether I should watch SCD or not.
I feel so sorry for hubby and son out on the farm in this awful weather.

so long for now.

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