Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A busy start

oh felt sick all night, so this morning he has only ventured between bathroom and the bedroom, feeling awful and very sorry for himself.
Son went to farm and sick cow, vet required asap. I dont drive we have three cars and I had to phone someone to take daughter to school!
Several other urgent phone calls copious ammounts of hot water needed, and all before 8:30 am.
Feel somewhat lost as normal routine as been knocked out.
I always like to read the paper first thing, but today goodness knows when we will get it let alone get it read.
The joys of not been able to drive and living in the coutry with no bus service.

Met up with a friend at a funeral yesterday, funny how funerals are one of those places you meet folk you rarely see except at funerals. We did a bit of catching up but really need to meet and have a chat, but we have been doing that for ages............

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