Sunday, 18 January 2009

What a time we have had during this past 10 days or so. The bug which OH had decided to decend upon us all. It has been most horrid to say the least.
In the early hours of last Saturday morning I was in the bathroom and sods law being what it is. the bathroom light blew. Well having a nasty bug was one thing but being plunged into darkness with it was getting low.
We have ate very little and in my case not drank nearly enough so are all rather weak. I cant remember when I last ate chocolate, but something tells me that this is only a temporaly thing.
We did our first proper shop since christmas this week!

On a lighter note Daughter and I some how manged the energy to takle New Look sales. A very good time of bonding and money well spent . We bought a bit but saved a fortune. Women can understand this. I so love this shop.

I had bought a value iron in tescos and really it took me a while before I managed to try it and much as son complained at less than £4 it couldn't be up to much, I cant fault it. It is lighweight which suits me but would not suit everyone and irons ok so I am more than happy with it. It will be interesting to se does it last as longas an expensive one.

hope I am feeling much better soon C xxxxxxxx

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So many books, so little time said...

Carole I know you haven't been on this for ages but just found you and thought I would say hi and hope all is well xx